Using skills obtained from over 6 years experience in the Telecommunications sector, we aim to produce the best solutions for your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner and to provide support and advice in the decision-making, design, implementation, test and support stages of your project/product lifecycle.

Below are some examples of the type of services we can provide:

Software Development

With over 5 years experience in Embedded C/C++ programming, and a wide understanding of other languages (Perl,Java,VB,Ada etc.) we are well placed to offer the following general purpose Software Development services:

  • Small scale development of programs from design through implementation to test and maintenance.
  • Larger scale build management including project integration and test, and the use of Configuration Management tools such as Clearcase and Continuus.
  • Problem solving / bug fixing on established codebases.

Applications for M2M systems

As one of the main architects of the SonyEricsson M2mpower solution, we have some considerable experience working with Integrators and Customers of Machine to Machine embedded solutions and applications.

Using the core capabilities of the SonyEricsson GSM modules and its scripting functionality it is possible to generate powerful applications without the need for an additional microprocessor. This leads to effective solutions being developed with very few resources and short turnaround time.

Example applications include metering, telemetry, GPS tracking and security. Services in this area include:

  • Application feasibility assessment - we can look at your systems and suggest applications, or assess your intended application for the best method of implementation
  • Application Design/development - we can design and develop applications for the Module devices and for backend servers to create an end to end solution for your system.
  • Maintenance and Support - we can provide support with your applications, bug-fixing and improvement suggestions, as well as maintenance of applications already developed.

Device Drivers

We have a lot of experience with low-level interfacing, and have written several device drivers in a multi-threaded RTOS environment.
Areas of specialisation include:

  • Drivers for standard interfaces such as RS232, I2C, SPI
  • Proprietary hardware such as graphical processors, DSP and polyphonic synthesizers
  • General I/O handling,Energy Management, File systems, Interrupt handlers, OS configuration and Memory management


We have worked with the ubiquitous TCP/IP stack in an embedded environment, developing user interfaces to various web protocols (such as BEEP based protocols, SMTP, HTTP, SOAP and IBM MQ based protocols). Services offered include:

  • Porting of commercial TCP/IP stacks into proprietary/embedded code bases.
  • Interfacing with standard TCP/IP sockets for higher layer application protocols.
  • Consulting on the use of TCP/IP in a system (with specialisation of using TCP/IP over GSM/GPRS) - covering areas such as IP,PPP,TCP and UDP.

Web services

With practical knowledge of the major web technologies (PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Perl CGI) we can offer bespoke Web solutions at competitive rates.

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